Antonio Thompson is a well recognized face in the hair and fashion industry. Over the last 22 years, he has used television as a medium to create an explosive transformation of the hair and fashion world.  During this period he found and hosted "Hair and Nail Video Magazine"' the first weekly series to highlight urban hair styles and nail designs.  In addition, he founded Antonio"s Fashion Magazine, a video magazine focusing on urban fashion designs from around the globe. 

Some of the featured designers hailed from as far away as St. Kitts in the Caribbean, to Toronto, Canada to San Francisco, California.


As part of his personal growth and development and his commitment to his goal of connecting hair, fashion and television, Antonio has attended and/or participated in events such as the International Beauty Show (IBS) in NewYork and Las Vegas, the World Beauty Show in Chicago, the Bronner Bros, Show in Atlanta, The World Natural Hair Care Expo and the Premier Hair Show in Florida and Ohio.

Antonio counts his involvement in television with the hair and fashion industry as buildingblocks towards his ultimate goal of having his own featured network.